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Le Meridien's SOUND FACTORY at El Tapeo Combined

Le Meridien's SOUND FACTORY at El Tapeo Combined from Rc on Vimeo.


A new era of Jazz takes a younger generation of listeners
by Frances Moffett

Jazz’s rich history and its undeniable impact on every genre of music has allowed it to sustain for decades, making it one of the most relevant forms of music today. The ever-evolving musical form is taking on a vibrant, more upbeat cadence and tone, making it jazz you can dance to and attracting a younger, more modern audience in the process.

“Contemporary jazz is for the hip-hoppers who have gone to college, graduated and now have corporate jobs,” Frank Goss, regional manager of Close Up 2 Contemporary Jazz Lounge, told the Defender. “You can’t really take hip hop to corporate, and so there is a huge influx of young professionals who are looking for an alternative and the alternative is contemporary jazz.
“Also, unlike traditional jazz, this is music you can dance to-dancing is back in the jazz repertoire,” he said. ...Read more